Llamas Plastics manufactures windshields to the highest optical requirements.

Lockheed U-2 – Windshield &
Frame Assembly

Kaman Kmax

Bell 529

v-22 windshield

V-22 Windshield



From the A4 to the U2, Llamas Plastics manufactures a wide variety of canopies. Llamas Plastics employees, on average, have over 20 years of experience in the field, so you can be assured that your canopy is built to the highest quality requirements in the industry.

Northrop F-5/T-38 – Canopy & Metal Frame Assembly
f18 canopy
Boeing F/A-18 – Canopy
Boeing F-15 – Canopy
f15 aft canopy

F-15 – AFT Canopy



Llamas manufactures a variety of cabin window panes and assemblies in both stretched acrylic and hard-coating options.
china arj
China ARJ – Cabin Window
bombardier window
Bombardier Global Express –
Cabin Window

V-22 Cabin Window

V-22 Side Door Window



Our capabilities and qualifications include the manufacturing of various wing tip lenses and assemblies including polycarbonates and acrylics with a variety of hard-coat options.

KC-10 – Wing Tip Lense

737 max

737 Wing Tip Lense

C-5 Wing Tip Lense

Honda Jet Cabin Lense

Parts list


Llamas had a wide variety of approvals and complete tool packages for the parts listed below. If your part is not listed, please contact us for pricing and availability.

Note: The part numbers and part names
listed below are for illustrative purposes in this prototype only.

PN-A001: Fuselage
PN-W002L: Left Wing
PN-W002R: Right Wing
PN-V003: Vertical Stabilizer
PN-H004: Horizontal Stabilizer
PN-E005: Engine Assembly
PN-LG006M: Main Landing Gear
PN-LG006N: Nose Landing Gear

PN-AVS007: Avionics System Components
PN-CIC008: Cockpit Instruments and Controls
PN-HS009: Hydraulic System Components
PN-EW010: Electrical Wiring and Connectors
PN-FS011: Fuel System Components
PN-CIC012: Cabin Interior Components
PN-EL013: Exterior Lighting Components
PN-PRT014: Propellers or Thrust Reversers
PN-APU015: Auxiliary Power Unit
PN-ECS016: Environmental Control System Components
PN-FDS017: Fire Detection and Suppression System Components
PN-CNS018: Communication and Navigation System Components